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room 206, 129-135 castle peak road, hin fai building, sham shui po

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zine launch | exhibition




zine launch vol.1
26 alphabets 26 animals

date: 09/09/2017 — 10/09/2017

venue: JCCAC 8th floor

zoozoozoo dotdotdot舉辦的首個展覽。26位創作人被邀請參與是次小誌製作活動。創作人可以使用抽到的字母,選出一隻相應字母開首的動物創作自己的小誌。

zoozoozoo was the first event curated by dotdotdot. 26 artists were invited to create a zine. Artists were assigned with an alphabet. They could choose any animal starting with that corresponding initial as the theme of their zine. 

A Song

A Zine

zine launch vol.2
40 artists 40 songs

date: 6/10/2019 — 25/11/2019

venue: cafe liaotistic


a song a zine 是第二個小誌創作展覽。創作人可以自選一首歌曲。利用那一首歌作為啟發而創作一本小誌。概念可能來自歌詞甚至歌曲的旋律。


a song a zine was the second zine launch function. Artists created their zine based on a song by their own choice. Some of them might be inspired by the lyrics or even the melody from the song. 




date: 31/3/2019

venue: ethos

event: Fame Film Flair

aurora 是展出於 Fame Film Flair risograph 創作。是次活動邀請了不同界別的創作人參與展出,包括攝影師,插畫師等等。

aurora was a risograph print creation participating in the event Fame Film Flair. The event featured various artists of different creative field, including photography, drawings, and paintings, etc.